Agile Planning

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Agile planning is a project management technique. Agile, unlike waterfall doesn’t have a big spec document. It is designed to allow for the scope to change. Its often used with projects that will start with an initial version and then new versions will be iterated that improve on the last release.

How do I use it?

Describe your project at its highest level, in terms of its ‘mission’.

Break down each bullet point above and go into more detail. Break the themes down into ‘epics’ – large chunks of work that cover a significant section of your project (sometimes said to take longer than 12 hours). What is the overall aim (the epic) and its business aim?

Write User Stories

Write these as user stories Break these user stories be broken down into tasks.

Estimate your tasks

Each task is then estimated with points. relative to the easiest element of work (say building 1 html page)
1 point is usually half a days work so you can then figure out the real cost of what you propose also and whether you can descope elements.

Benefits of the process

The benefit of following this process is that you:

  • Figure out what you want to do and why
  • Break it down into user stories that are actionable by users (or other roles)
  • Break those down into things that can be built (and work out how much it costs.