Audio Recording and Editing

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Sound is a fantastic medium because it has the ability to affect action and create energy, and different perspective in the listener.


Sounds can be recorded, recommended with a decent recorder;  see the M-Audio Microtrack 2 or the Edirol N-09.

Use the recorder to record conversations, music, animal / non-human sounds, sounds from the city, industrial sounds,  sounds from everyday life.

File Management

Once the sounds are recorded they need to be archived in an ordered way with a good naming convention- like:


It is best, if possible to keep high quality versions of the audio recordings in an archive (buy a high capacity disk or upload onto if you have a fast connection). Fidelity is something which cannot be regained if a sound file has been compressed into for example an mp3 file.

Audio can be represented as it was recorded for reflective purposes or it can be meddled with, cut up, mashed together, unpicked and deconstructed.

Audio Editing software

  • Audacity (open source)
  • Soundforge (commercial)

Sound is an extremely interesting area of studio as it occupies a space between the mental and the physical.

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