Connoisseurship Knowledge from Experience to Judge Quality

Word count: 279

What is it?

Connoisseurship  is becoming a critic of the quality of things. In the context of Western consumerist society Рbeing mindful about purchases rather than consuming mindlessly.

Connoisseurship is the act of appreciation. It can be displayed in any realm in which the character import or value of objects, situations and performances is distributed and variable, including educational practice.

Why is it useful?

Mindfulness is useful in general to live more consciously.  Connoisseurship allows one to recognise beauty, quality and value which are in a business sense valuable and in an ecological sense more crucial than the disposable culture that currently exists prevalently.

How do I use it?

To become a connoisseur one has to get experience to get a better understand of things. Then one has to be mindful when coming into contact with things in order to understand their level of quality and value.

Connoisseurship involves the ability to see, not merely to look. To do this we have to develop the ability to name and appreciate the different dimensions of situations and experience and this way they relate one to another.

We have to be able to draw upon and make use of a wide array of information. We also have to be able to place our experience and understanding in a wiser context and connect them with our values and commitment. It is into this context that writing and keeping journals comes.

Connoisseurship is something that needs to be worked at. Criticism can be approached as the process of enabling others to see the qualities of something. Effective criticism functions as the midwife to perception. It helps it come into being, then later refines it and helps it to become more acute.