Game for the future – Imagine Future Trends

Word count: 340

Game for the future is a group activity which aims to think through different future scenarios and courses of action.

  • Follow the rules of the past century or create new rules
  • Compromise or create a new¬†civilisation
  • How to deal with collapse?
  • What happens the day after the revolution?

The board is made up of the following segments:

  • carbon
  • water
  • power
  • cities
  • identity

We explore 4 alternative scenarios:

  • growth
  • constraint
  • collapse
  • transformation

You can win without discovering half the possible pathways, but you can lose by mistaking a clear line of sight for the whole story.

  • Stake out your reality.
  • Hone your world building skills

You create scenarios which area based on combinations of looking at constraint, collapse, growth and transformation approaches in the context of the cell on the game board


  • Evolvability – how to encourage rapid innovation?
  • Extreme scale – work the spectrum of scale from micro to massive?
  • Ambient collaboration – design environments for positive feedback
  • Reverse scarcity – use renewable and diverse resources as rewards
  • Amplified optimism – find and link super-empowered hopeful individauls
  • Adaptive emotions – user awe, wonder and appreciation to build strategic advantage
  • Playtests – turn challenges into fun experiments


  • Thinking about how your design will affect future generations
  • What will my great-grandmother say? back in 2010 my great grandparents made it possible to…
  • How can you make that happen?
  • Seeing the future as a game in which game mechanics are used to play important scenarios which brings awareness of possible routes and gets people to engage and consider them

Contact Mike Waller at Goldsmiths University of London for more information


Superstruct was a project by Institute for the future.

IFTF is an independent, non-profit research organization with a more than 45-year track record of helping all kinds of organizations make the futures they want.

Superstruct was a massively multiplayer forecasting game, created by the Institute for the Future, and played by more than 7000 citizen future-forecasters.

It was a game with a storyline that the human race only has 23 years left. Read the full ‘press release’.