Heidegger – The Question Concerning Technology

Word count: 248

 Heidegger talks ,in The Question Concerning Technology, about the common understanding of technology of being something that a human does in order to achieve some end. However, the essence of technology is more complex: the orientation of humans to nature, ‘enframing’ – an orientation to the world, individual ‘worlds’, intersubjectivity, the non-human, the intelligence of the cosmos, an interconnected and relatedness of all things, what makes humans human, a way of human becoming.

Some other thoughts:

  • What is it?
  • What does it mean?
  • How does it pursue it’s course?
  • How does it enduring as presence (lasting / permanent in the immediate promixity of time / space?

Oxford dictionary definitions:

  • a technician is someone who is a person skilled in machinery or industrial techniques or in a particular technical field. A person employed in a laboratory etc to do mechanical and practical work. 3 a person having a specific artistic or mechanical skills, esp. if lacking in fair.
  • technics: the study or theory of industry and industrial arts; technology
  • technocracy: government by scientists, engineers, and other such experts
  • technology:technology is the application of practical or mechanical sciences to industry or commerce. The methods theory and practices governing such application, the total technology and skills available to any human society.

Other instrumental uses of technology (pre-reading-Heidegger ideas)

  • Enables people to extend their capabilities (like printing & memory)
  • Frees people from doing survival  stuff to apply cognitive ability to other problems (like farm tools)
  • Empowers people (communication tools to allow better mutual understanding) and organising people
  • Access to information and developing knowledge to put into action