How does the problem relate to your practice? Investigate your own practice

Word count: 127

Before you know how anything relates to you, it’s good to understand your practice.

What is your practice?

  • Doing my own work and being able to eat
  • Journeys> sometimes involve vehicles, equipment, space to carry stuff, communicating (materiality, learning about the real world, creating content, thinking, enjoyment)
  • Mountain biking business (funding, learning about the real world, enjoyment)
  • Arts
  • Stories
  • Systems> beneficial programmes that can be put in place to provide positive feedback loops. Accounting for the lack of ability to predict the real world (can create systems to cope with unpredictability but ultimately it is impossible).
  • Drawing (Research, observation)
  • Writing (Books, poetry)
  • Photography (Travel photos, research, for their own sake)
  • Film (Travel doco., research, arts)
  • Graphics (communication, arts)
  • Communicating > (internet, speaking, giving advice, talking)
  • Web code (funding, systems thinking)
  • Wood or metal work (Materiality, enjoyment, thinking)
  • IT (money, technical, systems thinking, organisational)