Japanese Samurai Took 7 Breaths to Make Quick Decisions

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What is it?

Japanese Samurai pledged to make decisions over 7 breaths. Failing that they were switching to something else, because the decision is not yet ripe circumstances, or they themselves. A warrior is one that should make quick gut decisions, without spending too much time on procrastination. Of course, in the battlefield thinking for too long could have some extremely severe consequences.

How it is useful?

You can use the 7 breaths strategy in practically any element of life – but particularly when you have to make a quick decision. They say that you should trust your gut instinct, and this is a prime example of doing so. The Japanese Samurai were taught that if they did not make a decision within 7 breaths then things were likely to go wrong (7 out of 10 times, in fact). By putting these method into practice, you will be able to make snappier decisions when it comes to important things.

How to Use the 7 Breaths Technique

It is pretty simple to put the 7 breaths technique into practice. The key is in ensuring your mind is focusing solely on the decision in question for an entire 7 breaths. By thinking about other things you’re unlikely to come to a decision. You must think about that one thing for a maximum of 7 breaths – whatever conclusion you come to at the end of this is your decision. You can use this in a variety of life applications, including in business, in design, in creation. If you’re thinking for longer than 7 breaths then perhaps your mind is not ready to make that choice yet. This is something you should then revisit when the time is right. Think like a samurai and make quick gut decisions, to bring procrastination down to a minimum.

Is this a technique you have used yourself? If you have, it would be interesting to hear what for, why, whether it has worked, and so on. Please leave a comment below and include any further reading on your experience if possible.

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