Word count: 153

Money losing venture

  • Losing money more painful than not getting it in the first place according to study
  • Pay yourself some money, fine yourself if you fall short

Subliminal messages

  • Prime yourself with reminders about your goals according to research
  • Put notes around your home and pictures of what you are aiming for

Make abstract goals visible

  • In physical endurance tests people last longer if they see a bar graph growing vs stopwatch round and round


  • Use less active words for dealing with difficulties
  • Use “stopping” or “pausing” instead of “Battling”, “Overcoming”, or “fighting” desires


  • Give yourself regular rewards
  • Even small and meaningless ones spur people on due to fear of missing out


  • Near misses are more motivating that wins and spur people on to better things
  • Compete against someone who is slightly better than you


  • Avoid high fat because studies show it impairs mesolimbic dopamine system which controls motivation


  • Studies show brief breaks from impossible tasks to watch funny videos improved motivation

Adapted from New Scientist article 2017.