Word count: 231

Naming is the process by which you attribute a word – common or constructed that designates something.

You can brainstorm a name by thinking about the thing and writing down whatever comes to mind until something sticks. You might need to give it time for the best ones to rise to the surface.

Or try following these steps:

  1. Choose the general feel you are after (e.g. organic/natural vs industrial)
  2. Choose a word that represents the message to pass across -reliable, trustworthy, expensive, cheap, luxury vs cheap and cheerful.
  3. Find a synonym for the word.
  4. Find an image to represent the synonym.
  5. Google image search the synonym.

You are taking one thing and matching it with another in order to create something new.

1. Pick your favorite fashion related item and a type of desert food, place both together:

– Five Finger Banoffee

2. Throw a shout out to where you live:

– London Out the house

3. Add -ista to the end of a word often used in the fashion industry:

– Adventurista

4. Give yourself a quirky nickname. Go ahead, give it to yourself. Isn’t that how cool nicknames really start?

– The chirpy bushcraft practitioner

5. Use the word “Fashion” and then pick another random word:

Adventure Vitamins

6. Ask a question about fashion:

How do you cross that?

7. Pick an animal, then incorporate that animal into an aesthetic:

– The Butterfly Flies Beautiful

8. Cheese and… [random object]:

– Cheese and a Picnic

9. Something having to do with style. Really, it could be anything:

– Style Macaroni