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Identify fantasy

A fantasy is a situation imagined by an individual or group that has no basis in reality but expresses certain desires or aims on the part of its creator. Fantasies sometimes involve situations which are impossible (such as the existence…

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This physical, rather than an online form in the style of a postbox, was used for collecting research from people about projects and…
Scale is the level of magnification at which something is viewed. It can also refer to the size of something such as ‘a…
Reinforcing is to increase strength of something by adding material or through structural design. You can reinforce a habit by repeatedly doing something.…



Biomimetics or biomimicry is the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems.    


Synergy is when you put together two things and you have three things. Synergy comes from: Looking at the space that is half way between the two things From a process of having ideas witnessed and interpreted by another Putting…


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