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Cicero’s Loci Method – A ‘mnemonic’ system for improved memory 

To use the method of loci for improved memory you need to associate items you wish to remember later with locations of a familiar room, building, or street, then to retrieve the information, mentally “stroll down memory lane” and visualise…

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This physical, rather than an online form in the style of a postbox, was used for collecting research from people about projects and…
Scale is the level of magnification at which something is viewed. It can also refer to the size of something such as ‘a…
Reinforcing is to increase strength of something by adding material or through structural design. You can reinforce a habit by repeatedly doing something.…



Budgeting is putting resources aside to put towards achieving an outcome. It involves deciding what total amount is required and how it will be split up and be put towards the various pieces of that are required. Budgeting can also…


Debugging in context of software development is analysing the code for issues and fixing them.


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