Recall and Refine

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If you want to edit and refine content on practically any subject then you may want to use this condensing technique. This is helpful for improving your memory, creating more succinct plans, and a whole lot more.

Read once, turn over and write down what you can remember!

What is it?

The hypothesis is, is that if you cannot remember the thing in ‘the edit’ then it probably isn’t good enough to be in the final product. By writing down only what you remember, you’ll end up with just the key points. This are then the most memorable aspects of whatever you’re working on, which means they’re likely to be the most important.

Why is it useful?

Recall is important because it shows how much attention you were paying at the time and how much value you placed on the information or event. You can use this to edit and refine content that may otherwise be too long winded or have too many invaluable pieces of information.

How do I use it to edit and refine content?

Instead of referring to notes, photos, talking to others etc, just see what you can remember. The elements that remain in your memory are the most important, which you can then use to edit and refine content. You can use this in a variety of different applications, no matter what you’re working on. By condensing the information you can focus on the most important aspects of your project. This can also help to improve your memory by setting a focus.

Did you try it? Please leave a comment below detailing where, when, with whom, how, why and what you did (and include a link if you documented about using this method.) I would be really interested to see whether this has helped refine content or break down a bigger project into something more succinct.