Speculative Realism

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Speculative Realism is a recent philosophical movement that rejects ‘Correlationism’; a privileging of a subject-object way of understanding the world. The benefit is to change the way that we think about objects.

The term “object-oriented philosophy” was officially coined by Graham Harman, the movement’s founder, in his 1999 doctoral dissertation “Tool-Being: Elements in a Theory of Objects.”

Since then, a number of theorists working in a variety of disciplines have adapted Harman’s ideas, including philosophy professor Levi Bryant, literature and ecology scholar Timothy Morton, video game designer Ian Bogost, and medievalists Jeffrey Jerome Cohen and Eileen Joy.

In 2009, Bryant rephrased Harman’s original designation as “object-oriented ontology,” giving the movement its current name. If you are interested in reading further you can check out the book here:
* The Speculative Turn: Continental Materialism and Realismspeculative realism
* This book by Graham Harman may also be of interest Towards Speculative Realism: Essays and Lecturesspeculative realism