Stake a Claim to A Space

Word count: 163

What is it?

In squatting there are often no rules about how the space is used. It is down to the squatter to take a space and make it their own.

Why is it useful?

In an anarchic system where less value is placed on ‘ownership’ of space, it makes sense that someone will get the job of having a space to sleep out of the way so that they can get on with living their life instead of obsessing about property.

How do I use it?

In general this method can be a state of mind where you don’t ask for permission to act you act spontaneously, take what you need and then deal with the consequences.

“Go and stake your claim to the space. You don’t have to be best friends with everyone – a decent relationship will do but you do need to go and stake out your area. Make people known who you are and what you did. Cookie and her drill!!”

-Tito, June 28th 2011