Upcycling Upgrades Old Products to Generate Value

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What is it?

Creative reuse of old into upmarket or contemporary) and parasite products (creative reuse of waste materials)

Why is it useful?

There is a lot of rubbish around in the world and creating value from it is therefore a wise move. As Slavoj Zizek said in the documentary ‘Examined Life’ –

The true ecologist loves all this.. (referring to a pile of waste)

How do I use it?

Take some waste materials and try to revision their use differently. Common creative outputs are creating lampshades, furniture, and clothing.

Recent designers in residence at the Design Museum, Farm are a design collective which adds value to existing products by discovering new ways of using and representing them through mashups, additions and re-casts.

Swiss-based architect Nicola Enrico Stäubli designs patterns for cardboard furniture called Foldschool which can be downloaded freely and assembled at home. His Indie Furniture sets out as a creative collaboration between the designer and the user by providing simple components for a bespoke storage solution which the user assembles to their liking. With Rearranged he hacks into the plastic chair by Charles and Ray Eames by adding a new series of bases.

The Pallet Project by Nina Tolstrup is a collection of template designs which can be purchased online in order to create furniture out of pallets. The concept has proven a great success both in domestic use, as a