What do you have to do to get there from the here and now?

Word count: 280

This is something which involves envisioning a different ‘state’ of being, place, event, object and then working out what you have to do to get there.

For example. Envision going surfing in Cornwall.

Start the enquiry thus:-

  1. From the here and now I have to get up off my backside
  2. go to my room
  3. get my rucksack
  4. put some clothes inside it
  5. put my wallet and camera inside it
  6. go to the bathroom
  7. brush my teeth
  8. go to the toilet
  9. get my toothbrush
  10. get some kind of soap & towel
  11. put on some shoes
  12. put an autoresponder on my emails
  13. close down my laptop
  14. drink some water from the tap
  15. Get my keys
  16. leave the flat
  17. lock the door
  18. press the button on the lift
  19. get in the lift
  20. get out the lift
  21. go out of the building
  22. walk down to the train station
  23. get a train to victoria
  24. walk to the coach station
  25. find a bus to cornwall on the timetable
  26. go to the ticket desk
  27. buy a ticket
  28. wait for the next bus
  29. buy some food in the mean time
  30. get on the next bus
  31. sit for however many hours
  32. get off the bus at destination ?? Truro?
  33. Find a tourist information about surfing shops
  34. Go to a surf shop
  35. Buy a surfboard
  36. Realise I forgot about sleeping
  37. Get angry that I forgot my tent
  38. Find a different solution like a guest house
  39. get a bus to the coast
  40. find the guest house
  41. put my stuff in the guest house
  42. realise that I need a wetsuit
  43. go to another surf shop
  44. buy a wetsuit
  45. go to the beach
  46. see if there are waves
  47. if there are waves, put on the wetsuit
  48. if there aren’t waves, go to the pub
  49. walk into the sea with surfboard
  50. lie on surfboard
  51. wait for a wave to come
  52. as the wave approaches, paddle board
  53. as the wave begins to carry you, stand up in one movement
  54. balance and surf until you fall off or the wave subsides
  55. The end.